Linn Benton Food Share

2017 Fast Facts about hunger in Linn-Benton County area

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Linn Benton Food Share reports on Fiscal Year 2016-17

47,199 emergency food boxes were provided in Linn & Benton Counties—enough to fill Reser Stadium beyond current seating capacity (45,675). Imagine a food box in every seat.

Nearly 350,000 emergency meals were provided at area network partners including First Christian, Stone Soup and Lebanon Soup Kitchen, among others.

5.2 million pounds of food were distributed to our network of 68 partner agencies. That’s equivalent to 141 semi truck loads of food.

$1 = enough food for 6 meals

Food is only part of the service provided by LBFS and our network partners. It is about providing a safe, welcoming environment where generosity can be practiced.

For more information about Linn Benton Food Share, visit their website.


From the OSU food pantry on campus, a story:

I connected with a student today –she’s new to OSU, but a little older than most first year students (she’s 21). She spent the last few years in the military and now she’s a veteran. When we talked, she shared that she’d been eating rice and potatoes because they cost her .03 cents per calorie. She’d done the math. This work is hard – but moments like this make me feel the challenge on an even deeper emotional level.

I first reached out to her two weeks ago – but she was busy and kept struggling to follow through/follow up and meet with me to hear more about our resources and how we might help – so today, of course, we were able to make her a box of food. I’m thinking about how serious her need was – and yet how challenging it had been to connect her with the resources she so desperately needed. I’m so grateful that we have the LBFS partnership and are able to have our food pantry in the same building where our office is. We’re able to support students so much better because of our partnership – and because of the bigger, wider work that LBFS does. It’s really special that we were able to set up this pantry on campus – and so needed.

Thank you so much for your support for our program, our partnership – and the difficult work you (and the rest of the LBFS team) do. We really couldn’t do this without you – and it’s so, so important to the lives of our students. Being able to help her out today with food – was more helpful than I have the words to explain – I know you know what I mean.

Human Services Resource Center
Office of Student Life
Oregon State University